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You’ve heard about ‘with everything’ bagels – well apply that concept to this blog. Rather than go with the all-encompassing ‘blog about stuff’, which was a close second, I thought that ‘with everything’ would capture the range of topics that I’d like to cover.

As a SWF forty-something (ladies never tell their age right), I feel I have something to say about a lot of things. Married twice, divorced twice, two kids, a few CEO roles, a number of start-up businesses, consulting to a number of fortune 500s, solo motherhood, dual citizenship, Croatian/Ukrainian heritage, and a PhD to boot, yep I figure I’m qualified and have got stuff to say. I guess at the heart of ‘with everything’ there sits the desire for a better life, and being the best I can be. Reflecting on experiences and sharing lessons will be mutually encouraging I hope – helping us to live better and be kind and gentle as we figure out what we want to be as we grow up.

When it comes to sharing, writing has always been my preferred communication. I’ve wanted to write full-time ever since my weekly high school column some two decades ago. My first husband would nag, ‘just write’ – look where that got him. But don’t you hate it when an ex- is right? A subject of another blog perhaps…

So, I’ve decided to give myself a challenge this year. I am going to endeavour to ‘write’ a blog every week for a year. A year of self-discovery and sharing and… Am I crazy? Yes. Certifiable (and not just for the ‘with everything’ part). I’m through with the procrastinations, and saving what I want to do in life until ‘tomorrow.’ We aren’t getting any younger are we – just better looking thank goodness (or is that due to failing vision?).

I’m not 100% sure how all this blog stuff works, but will learn as we go. I’ll tear a page from the Nike mantra, and ‘Just do it’. I’ll also try to link with the whole Twitter and Facebook and whatever other social media makes sense according to my 14 and 16 year old ‘advisors’ – I can hear them now saying, “Oh mum, TMI” – or ‘too much information’ I recently found out.  ‘Just do’-ing it, will be a challenge for the “oh that looks like anther good distraction” Gemini character.

To give this a fighting chance, I might respectfully enlist the help of others to keep to my weekly challenge. I’m sure my friends will keep me on task with encouragement and snide remarks, but just in case they don’t – by all means – write me!

What will I write about? I am thinking that subjects like: family, career, health & wellness, money, and love & relationships will cover the ‘with everything’ main ingredients, but as I’ve not done this before, and really have no idea where I’ll end up, I encourage you to sing out, and let me know if there are different topics you might want to read about, or that may inspire the creative juices, and I will try to accommodate where I am able. In the end, I am hoping each blog carries with it a little gem of learning, something worth sharing, and as ‘with everything,’ a little smile on the inside.

Deep breath – Here we go…

Arohanui, Jordan xox

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