I WANT YOU!!! Calling all well-seasoned public servants

What drives people to work for the government? And what makes them stay? Are we being served reflects the experiences of public servants with more than twenty years’ experience, capturing lessons, commenting on risks and suggesting opportunities for the future.

For the National Book Fair (8 November 1937) Churchill stated that: “Books, in all their variety, offer the human intellect the means whereby civilisation may be carried triumphantly forward.” Are We Being Served? A look at NZ’s public service from the inside© seeks to provide some ‘human intellect’ via a collection of experiences, anecdotes and insights from those that have been ‘in the trenches’ working “inside the public service.”

If you have had a long-term relationship with New Zealand’s public service, I would love to hear from you! This “work-in-progress” seeks to celebrate where we’ve been and poses questions for where we are heading, enlisting independent perspectives from those ‘in the know.’ Topics raised in face-to-face interviews and online surveys will portray stories that reflect on trends and changes over time. My personal experience may creep in, but I will try my best to stay in the role of storyteller, conveying perspectives of others. Being independently written and published should minimise bias. Contributors will not be identified, though an overall demographic profile will be provided.

Listening to the voices of those with many years under their belt will surely give Kiwis food for thought as to how we might “be carried triumphantly forward’ as New Zealand’s public service continues to evolve. A timely reflection as we head into another general election (the book is due for release in mid-2017).

If you’re keen to participate in this project, contact me at: [email protected], or visit www.arewebeingserved.com for more details.