November 22, 2019



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Still searching for your perfect partner? It’s time to get real.

Real Me Better We will change how you date and relate, taking your love life to the next level. Many of us never learned the ‘basics of relationships’ so find ourselves thinking we are ‘unlucky at love’ or ‘too picky’.

Let Real Me Better We guide you with 10 simple steps to take you from single to success. Learn to navigate your heart and decode digital dating. Stop shopping at the bargain bin of love – Invest in yourself and you too can find lasting love. Remember – Love takes two, but it starts with you!.

Ready for a wild adventure into online dating? It is estimated that by 2040 over 70% of new relationships will start online. Internet dating is all the rage, radically changing our ideas of romance, sex and relationships. No longer a domain for the desperate, society continues to embrace dating sites as a good way to meet people and user number skyrocket. It’s easy to do and so many find true love. There’s never been a better time. Or so it seems…

Jordan’s first novel – the reality read about her experience online dating made headlines worldwide. She has been featured on radio, NZ Business and Woman’s Day, The Sun (UK) and Daily Mail Australia. Set in a ‘rom-com’ Bridget Jones diary style, the reality read will leave you asking ‘could it happen to me?’


Climb to new heights in this sequel to I love you, send money. In this next installment of the Alexis story, you can expect lots more lessons and lots more love. Wanting nothing more than to put the biggest mistake in her life behind her, Alexis Jordain gives her love life a holiday, so she can get the rest of her world under control. Comfortable flying solo, she never expected the rendezvous with Jack to boomerang.

In Eat, Pray, Love style, this sequel wraps up all the self-love lessons needed to ‘get real’ and find yourself. The Greek philosophers said “knowing oneself is the beginning of all wisdom”. What they neglected to mention, was that it might cause turbulence…


Too often it’s believed that an abundant life is out of reach and is somehow reserved for others.
This book contains the inspiring messages of people who have elevated their wellbeing and now empower others to achieve the same.

These powerful stories and lessons will assist you to discover:

• The essential ingredients for lasting wellbeing
• The truth about happiness and how to find it
• How anyone can meditate their way to wellbeing
• A surprisingly easy technique for weight loss
• The scientific link between love, forgiveness and your health.

In 2018, Dr Alexander’s chapter on “Foundation Love” was published in Elevate Your Wellbeing, with forward by Dr John Demartini. The international best seller is the most inspiring way to take wellbeing to the next level.