November 22, 2019

Courses and Coaching

Awaken your Authenticity & Align your Actions to Enjoy your Life.

Ready to live and love like you’re on vacation?

Imagine living a life you don’t need a vacation from…Welcome to the Academy.

We know learning looks different for each unique human – Variety is the spice of life after all. We won’t feed you a vanilla one-size-fits-all solution. We specialise in Authentic Living and Loving Programs & Services offered in a range of formats, to suit your different learning styles. Having options gives you flexibility to choose what works to create RESULTS & lasting change in your life.

Change is something I have a bit of experience in. Three decades in executive government and corporate roles, working with not-for-profits on boards, and with business start-ups around the globe… Working from strategy to action allows unique insights for individual transformation & change within organisations and for national culture and identity. I have baked in these experiences thrown in real-life personal curve balls – or what I like to call “course corrections”. At the Academy we apply the ‘teach a person to fish’ philosophy to help you, help yourself – To master your secrets to authentic living and loving a life you don’t need a vacation from… 

The Academy offers REAL LEARNING to REAL PEOPLE living REAL LIVES Everything is practical and hands-on, features the latest in neuroscience, mindfulness and behaviour change research. Our learning systems are designed to connect your head, heart and hands and align action steps to your values & authentic bliss.

If this sounds like your kind of learning – Let’s talk…The Academy co-designs your pathway to reflect your learning style, investment & goals Perhaps your first step will be working with a COACH, mentor or business strategist… Maybe you’ll use our FREE resources, attend a LIVE event, or enroll in an online COURSE The ACADEMY can support you to make your vision a reality & get lasting results.

Coaching & Mentoring

Celebrities and athletes have known their merit for years. It is great that coaching is now mainstream. Working with a coach empowers you to achieve (and take responsibility for) your own results.

At the Learning for Living Academy, you can enjoy individual coaching as a stand-alone offer, or as a supplement when taking online courses.

We also offer accreditation options to certify Love Assist Associates & UBU Practice coaches.Discover your authentic voice, explore new decision-making models, and grow your mindset. It’s time to make those visions a reality – If not now, when?

ONLINE Courses

From Simple Starters like the Online Dater Accelerator, through to Comprehensive Intensives like the Real Me. Better We. You will enjoy learning at your own pace with proven frameworks that create results. You’ll be part of our online learning community, and engage with other distance learners around the globe.

All our programs feature the latest in neurosciencemindfulness &     behaviour change research. Our learning systems are designed to connect your head, heart and hands with learning tools and action steps  aligned to your values & authentic bliss.

If you are already a coach and want to expand your offer to include authentic living and loving options, check out our Love Assist & UBU Practice certification programs.

Choose from a range of world-class learning content & topics offered online and at LIVE events. Consider how you learn best: in your own time, 1:1 or in a group.

Can’t decide? Talk to us. 

We’ll  help you find the best option for you.Remember our sole purpose is to support you:

Real People. Real Learning. Real Lives. 

We are here holding a space for your transformation … That life you don’t need a vacation from 

Are you ready? Let’s talk…