November 22, 2019

Online Courses

Online Dater Accelerator

Our Online Dater Accelerator will get you online FAST! Why not ‘date us’ with this entry to Love Assist Associates. It is the SMARTER STARTER. You’ll learn 7 ways to improve your success online in 7 days. Sign up for our Online Dater Accelerator – our EXPRESS lane to online dating – and you’ll get over $250 value including: An email each day for a week featuring a new tool each day that will help you succeed at online dating BONUS: A free Profile & Pics Review (99 value) – Send us your draft profile and pics and we will review and diagnose improvements Access to our Love Assist Community 20% off future purchases (including vouchers for friends) In one week – invest 30 minutes of your time each day – and you’ll be a smarter and safer dater! Online Dater Accelerator $97 Comes with a satisfaction guarantee so shop with confidence!
$97.00 USD

Get Relationship Ready with these Secrets for Success

Real Me. Better We. offers a comprehensive intensive online program you can complete in the privacy of your own home, when it’s convenient for you. You’ll learn how to be relationship ready and succeed online – invest in yourself and reap the benefits of smarter safer dating! Is this program right for you? Whether you’re not sure where to start, or are online dating now with limited success, you will build your capability learning new skills, gaining confidence and clarity, setting love and relationship goals, and applying practical information to find your authentic love connection. You’ll get over $750 value including: Our REAL ME. BETTER WE. Comprehensive Intensive online programwith seven essential topics over three weeks Our Fun Manual with home-play exercises to help you apply our 3-step learning system to your love life and goals 3 1/2 hours of engaging webinar content featuring the latest in neuroscience and evidence-based research New relationship ready skills, tips and tools to find your authentic love connection. PLUS these BONUSES: Profile & Pics Review (99 value) :30 minute 1:1 coaching session at the start and end of your online program (250 value) Join the LAA Exclusive Online Facebook community supporting each other’s journeys 20% discount on future LAA purchases
$397.00 USD